Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro Review

The first thing you notice about the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro (PJP) is the stainless steel. It looks amazing! Not all Jack Lalanne juicers feature this all stainless steel design. Some models are all plastic and don’t feel as special. The construction also made cleanup a breeze but more about that later.

Another feature I like about this juicer is the cover release mechanism. It’s basically an arm that comes up to lock the cover in place. It makes accessing the juicer basket quick and simple. That’s useful if you have any issues with clogging or pulp buildup like I did on the Hamilton Beach 67608A.

Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro

This juicer like the Hamilton Beach 67608A has an extra large feed chute meaning less prep work is required. However there was one thing I noticed with the PJP that worried me. When juicing anything hard like carrots or collard greens the motor almost seemed to want to give up. The motor is definitely less powerful than the Hamilton Beach 67608A and Breville JE98XL (which has dual speed).

That’s not a deal breaker for me because it would get through the harder vegetables, it would just make it seem like an effort. No that’s not the deal breaker. The deal breaker came when I started juicing soft fruits and in particular blueberries. The spout where the juice comes out has handy feature where you can put the spout up to seal it. Useful if you want to switch juicer pitchers when making a large batch of juicer. Nice feature you might think but the design here is flawed because it clogs. The hole that is purposely small so that it can be sealed with a rubber seal attached to the juice spout can clog when juicing soft fruits. I would imagine this could happen with soft pears too although I didn’t try this. And that for me is a deal breaker. I had to keep poking a toothpick in the hole to release the juice.

Shame because I really liked some of the features of the juicer. It was also quite easy to clean given the stainless steel construction. Although there were a few trouble spots on the cover where pulp tried to hide, it was a fairly easy cleanup process.

Anyway, I would probably choose the Breville JE98XL as the best juicer so far. It’s also the most expensive so no surprises there really!