Juicing With JE98XL

My Breville JE98XL Review

This is a quick review of my Breville JE98XL which I bought from eBay. I bought it second hand and wasn’t expecting much since it only cost me $65 (including shipping). I went for this model because a friend of mine had seen it featured in a documentary about juicing called Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (2010).

My first impression of this juicer is that it had been well used but was still going strong (which was great since I didn’t want any hassle returning it through eBay). It still had the sticker on it and all the parts seemed in great condition although there were a few chips here and there from obvious use in the kitchen of the seller.

The Breville JE98XL Juicer

I’ve never really reviewed anything before so I will attempt to describe the JE98XL for those of you who aren’t into juicing yet. This is a centrifugal model which works by spinning around the fruits and vegetables at high speed. There is a sort of basket with a shredding disk on the bottom and a sieve part around the edges. The shredding disk rips the fruits and vegetables apart and the sieve part allows the juice to flow through and out into the juice jug via the spout. The pulp then eventually spins out and into the pulp bin.

One tip I should mention here before I continue with the review is to always line your pulp bin with a plastic grocery bag or one of those small trash bag liners. It saves you washing the pulp bin if you do it right and if the bag has no wholes (shopping bags sometimes do).

Anyway, this juicer has two speeds, fast (12,000 RPM) and slow (6,500 RPM). The idea here is that the slower speed is for softer fruits and vegetables so they don’t get spun out into the pulp bin before the JE98XL has had chance to extract the juice. The fast speed is needed for harder fruits and vegetables like carrots and apples.

The Breville JE98XL is a bit on the noisy side as all centrifugal juicers tend to be. It’s especially noticeable at the higher speed setting. I wouldn’t say it’s extremely loud but you probably wouldn’t want to juice first thing in the morning if people are trying to sleep. I have heard a friend’s juicer and it was much louder (I think he has a much cheaper Black and Decker model JE2200B).

The juice collected from the Breville JE98XL tastes really good and you can really taste the flavors. My friends Black and Decker juicer seems to obscure the flavors somewhat. Not really sure why that is but this juicer seems to make better tasting juice (perhaps that’s just me).

The pulp from this machine feels kind of damp. Not super wet but there’s definitely still some liquid contained in the pulp. That’s to be expected a little but from a centrifugal juicer. You can always put the pulp back through the juicer a second time and you will get some more juice this way. One thing I did notice during the review was that there was occasionally a weird vibration when juicing a lot of leafy greens. I think this was due to pulp getting stuck to the basket. As soon as the pulp got spun off into the pulp bin it stopped. Nothing major but work mentioning for all you folks thinking of buying this model (I’m sure there are far worse flaws with many other juicers).

That was my experience of reviewing the Breville JE98XL. If I had bought a brand new one it would have cost around $150. I’m not sure I would have felt like I had got value for money if I had paid the full retail price. I felt buying it second hand gave me a good deal and although I don’t have a warranty as such I covered it under an existing electrical goods breakdown insurance policy without any problems. So if it should break down I should get some form of compensation.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my review. Please leave me comment below if you found this useful or if you bought or already own a JE98XL.